Presentation in English

Supported by the community of Spanish professors of Private International Law and for juristic operators coming from the magistracy, advocacy and bodies of the Administration of the State, the present volume begins an indispensable periodic publication in the Spanish juristic panorama. The purpose of this Yearbook is not another that to offer to the Spanish juridical community with annual character the whole international panorama that affects to the extraneous private traffic: commercial arbitration, Right of the trade, Right of the work and of the Social security, criminal law, national Procedural law, inmigration, family and successions, external investments and control of changes, nationality and person and civil status. For it the new publication is structured in different titles with a marked concern to stand out the most pressing practical issues, the legislative amendments and incorporation of more current international articles of agreement and the exhaustive and critical study of the doctrine of our tribunals of justice. And it, next to the punctual information of the work codifier that realizes in the different international forums. Along 1.200 pages, it includes, besides the fixed titles, a systematized group of contributions on the amendment of the Spanish system of international juridical cooperation in civil matter, of undeniable present time after the appearance of the new Civil Law of procedure, and a systematized relationship and commented of some 200 decisions of our tribunals and of the whole bibliography appeared in the last times.